Best Days

It was as if the sun saved its
best light for our days.

By that time, guava duff had
weaved its silk thread throughout the

memory section of our palates and
the enthralled region of our brains.

Our legs hung over donut tubes
that held our sprawled bodies
as we floated down water,

where smiles painted our cheeks
and whoops and hollers rode the airwaves.

Later, we met the Christian
woman, our sister, and
bought souvenirs.

What were they? Remembrance hasn’t told me,

though I recall the day was bright with more than just sun.

Memories of the pirate museum’s wooden ships awaken.

Recollections of icy pina colodas flutter through.

The rain that sped toward our earth still pelts me.

And I remember Solomon’s words:
“Enjoy life with the wife whom you love.”

The sun saved the best of its

light for those days —

and for today.